1. Registration
(1) This competition is a global call open to young designers, artists, teachers and students (all of whose age is required below 40-year-old) majoring in urban planning, architecture design, landscape design, art design in form of individual or group participation. Each group should have one 1 team leader and no more than 5 members together.
(2)For registration, please click "REGISTRATION" and fill the form
(3) Confirmation email will be sent by committee before the registration deadline.

2. Submission
All participants are required to submit digital files (including drawings and related documents) to the email address: and name it as "Submission + Title of Work"
The competition committee does not accept any hard copy. All design panels will be printed in a unified format for jury review.

3.Selection Procedure
The final winning projects will be determined by the jury review.

4. Q & A
(1) Please email your questions about the competition to
(2) The team leader should be the responsible contact person to the organization committee


1. Please submit the digital version of drawings and related documents to
2. Language: English and Chinese are official languages of this competition. The title and brief of the project should be in English. Participants from China are required to provide bi-lingual drawings while international groups provide English ones.
3. Scale and dimensions: Participants must adopt the Metric System.
4. Submission List:
(1) Specification: The layout of the 841mm x 594mm drawing panel should be horizontal. Each design project should be composed of 3 independent drawing panels that can fully demonstrate the design intention, such as master plan, rendering, plan, elevation and section, detailed drawing of key joints, and analysis diagram with a 500-word project description integrated together. The way to show the design content and design scale depends on the participants. Drawings of projects that have physical models could be attached with photos.


(2) Appended materials (Design Texts, videos, models etc.) can be submitted as auxiliary instructions of the design.
5. Documents:
(1) Recognizable scanned copy of Passports and student card (of all team members if it is group registered) should be attached in the submission e-mail. Students themselves are responsible for the validity of all the documents.
(2) A TXT document named after participant(s)' name(s) must be attached in the e-mails of the submission, which includes participants' name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, name and contact information of the adviser (if any), the full name of the school and department, title and brief introduction of the submitted work.
(3) “The Declaration of Original Work” should be downloaded from the official website, and signed, scanned and submitted together with project.
6. Entry Requirements
(1) Please submit the drawing layout (300 dpi, long side is required to be more than 1500 pixels) in the version of jpg. and name the presentation board according to the content (such as XXX plan 1).
(2) Please submit the text information in TXT format in the folder named by the participant(s)' name(s).


1. Individual participants and groups shall agree with and follow the competition requirements and regulations. The organizing committee reserves its right of final interpretation.
2. Entries with words or pictures relating to the name or department of participants in the digital drawings will be disqualified from the competition.
3. All entries are accepted (while including author's name) with the explicit free right of publication, reproduction, and promotional use by competition organizers and sponsors without need for further approvals.
4. Entries should not be accepted once published under others' name or in other competitions. Once known, all qualifications will be canceled.
5. Juries cannot act as advisers to participants; otherwise participants will be disqualified from the competition.


The runway of Nanjing Dajiaochang Airport is 2,600-meter long and 60-meter wide and it was listed in the Second Batch of Historic Buildings Conservation Directory of Nanjing City. The planning for Nanjing South New Town clearly indicated that the RUNWAY PARK should be identified as a crucial corridor for the whole area, and used as a carrier to integrate the industrial development, cultural agglomeration, urban sightseeing, health and leisure, and ecological landscape, connecting the cultural public building belt on the north side and official building belt on the south side.


Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau
Nanjing South New Town Development and Construction Management Committee
CBC (China Building Centre)
Technical Supporters:
Urban Planning & Design Institute of Southeast University
China Culture and Technology Innovation Service Alliance


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